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Easy Related Posts is a WordPress plugin that displays posts related to the one a user is reading.
Easy Related Posts can display related posts in main content area (above or bellow post content), sidebars (through a widget), or everywhere you like through the shortcode functionality.
Equipped with 10 eye catching fully responsive themes, supports basic modifications on them from admin panel. It also has a theme system that let you modify or write your own themes to match you personal needs.
Through an intuitive algorithm it creates “relations” between posts and rates them based on posts categories and/or tags in a way so these ratings are as much as accurate they can be.
Easy Related Posts uses a 2-layer caching system to store results and use them later in favor of speed.
Easy Related Posts is also equipped with a tracking system in order to monitor visitors engagement to related posts, so over time it will display to them related posts based on their performance (no personal information is used).
Last but not least in any way, Easy Related Posts uses the best coding standards and practices with mind in security.

From here you can purchase the PRO version of Easy Related Posts plugin. For a full feature comparison between free and PRO version please check this page.

After the payment is confirmed you will receive an e-mail containing the download link.

All payments are processed through PayPal. No personal information or credit card details are stored from our behalf.

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